WBOM Schedule

WBOM begins the morning playing music from the dawn of recorded sound. WBOM progresses through the 20th Century – playing the well-known hits, classics as well as songs that should be remembered. An hour of Live at Five and then into the 21st Century.

In the evening, WBOM plays local music from the area – Rockford, Illinois, the Midwest – plus artists that have played at the Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center and Charlotte’s Web over the years. At midnight, we play blues before going to jazz and classical overnight. On Saturday nights, listen to your favorite albums on The Inner Groove. It’s at 7:00 pm. Then stay tuned and listen to our EDM show – Vibe Addict – at 9:00 pm.

We break up the music with award-winning talk – In Print Radio and Artist Spotlight. And if you miss a live show at the Mendelssohn, you can listen to what you missed on Performance on Sunday nights.